Certified Ethical Hacking v10 (CEH)

Key issues plaguing the information security world, incident management process, and penetration testing

Network scanning techniques and scanning countermeasures

Various types of footprinting, footprinting tools, and countermeasures

System hacking methodology, steganography, steganalysis attacks, and covering tracks

Hackzone delivers Hands-on Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi and NCR. Here we’ve an environment exactly just like the tangible one where they’re going to be taught the way to do operation, scanning, getting access i.e. hacking, maintaining access, clearing tracks also as the way to secure their own networks. we’ve intensive lab environment where the scholar will gain practical knowledge with regard to the present security attacks and threats scenarios well-built simulated lab where the scholars can do the sensible under the supervision of experienced trainers who are working within the cybersecurity domains. the entire concept is to supply practical knowledge alongside concept clearing in Cyber Security which is beneficial from carrier perspective within the organisation also as for the safety enthusiasts, entrepreneur. At the top of training students will have an honest understanding and hands on involvement in IT Security.

Passing Score

In order to maintain the high integrity of our certifications exams, EC-Council Exams are provided in multiple forms (I.e. different question banks). Each form is carefully analyzed through beta testing with an appropriate sample group under the purview of a committee of subject matter experts that ensure that each of our exams not only has academic rigor but also has “real world” applicability. We also have a process to determine the difficulty rating of each question. The individual rating then contributes to an overall “Cut Score” for each exam form. To ensure each form has equal assessment standards, cut scores are set on a “per exam form” basis. Depending on which exam form is challenged, cut scores can range from 60% to 85%

Certified Ethical Hacker may be a skilled professional who apprehends and knows the way to search for flaws and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses an equivalent knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but during a lawful andbonafide manner to assess the safety posture of a target organization. The CEH credential certifies individuals within the specific complex security discipline of Ethical Hacking from an organization perspective.

  • Number of Questions: 125
  • Test Duration: 4 Hours
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE
  • 1 Year Support

Exam Name: CEH 312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)

100% Compliance to NICE 2.0 Framework

  • Authorized Electronic Course
  • Lab Manuals & Tools
  • One Live Project Work
  • Extensive Exam Preparation
  • Hand-over Labs

& Certification

Frequently asked questions

The CEH (ANSI) program require the candidate to have two years of work experience in the Information Security domain and should be able to provide a proof of the same as validated through the application process unless the candidate attends official training.

All EC-Council exams are available at the Hackzone Exam Centre, Please open a ticket here if you would like to schedule your exam.

After you successfully submit your exam, the points you earned on each question are totalled and then compared with the cut score to determine whether the result is pass or fail.

The score report provides an overall result to reflect pass/fail status. For some exams, a performance indicator per subject area is provided in order to help the candidate prepare to take the exam again or to improve weak areas of knowledge or skill.

This depends on the exam. Some of our exams state the exact passing score as a percentage required. Some of our exams’ passing scores are based on the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate competence in the subject matter and the difficulty of the questions that are delivered to a candidate.

The actual cut score (the number of items you need to answer correctly) is based on input from a group of subject-matter experts who review the difficulty of the questions in relation to the expected skills of the target audience. As a result, the number of items that you have to answer correctly varies depending on the difficulty of the questions delivered when you take the exam. This ensures that regardless of which combination of items you see, the evaluation of skills is fair. If you see a more difficult set of questions, the number of correct answers needed to pass is less than if you see an easier set of questions. As a result, providing a simple percent correct wouldn’t provide useful information to someone who had to take the exam multiple times and saw different combinations of questions with different levels of difficulty.

Because the number of correct answers needed to pass varies based on the difficulty of the questions delivered, if you see a difficult combination of questions, your performance may actually be higher in relation to the passing standard even though you answered fewer questions (in other words, a lower percentage) correctly than if you saw an easier set of questions. Scaled scores simplify your ability to evaluate improvements in your performance over time. This is a standard practice across the certification and licensure industry.

No. Refund requests are not accepted if one fails to pass the test.

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Our clients say

Hackzone is the best Institute in the field of cyber security. The ethical hacking classes are very useful. We come to know about most of the ways through which our private data can be stolen by hackers and the precautions that can be taken to prevent that. The only drawback is that we are not allowed to try the techniques practically that are taught to us. hackzone is the only institute which can aware us and bring our skill and knowledge in the field of cyber security.
It is very good experience in my life.The classes were awesome sir. You make the classes very interesting.we gained a lot from you. Thank you so much hackzone
Asmita Sood
It Engineer
Best institute I've ever attended. Learnt so much in two days and found my field of interest. hackzone ethical hacking in delhi made difficult things so easy to understand and also made the seminar interesting and fun to attend . Training for cyber security from hackzone is recommended.
Network Engineer
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