Top 10 Gadgets Every Hacker Needs


 Raspberry Pi 3


Raspberry Pi 3, model B. Source:

This versatile, low-budget computer is in its third generation. Usually paired with a suitable battery pack, a distribution platform like  Kali Linux and applications such as  FruityWifi during security audits, Raspberry Pi is the perfect all-purpose tool for penetration testing.

Pineapple Wi-Fi *


Source: Wi-Fi Pineapple

This wireless penetration testing toolkit is handy in a multitude of situations, including host-based attacks. The intuitive web interface allows you to connect to any device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The platform stands out for its ease of use, its workflow management, the detail of the information obtained, and the possibility of simulating different types of advanced attacks, which never take long to occur.

Thanks to Wi-Fi Pineapple, the user also has many quality modules, which the cyber community makes it possible to continuously improve by adding new functionalities that extend its field of application. It is possible to install these modules for free with a few clicks from the Web interface.

Alfa Network Board *


Alfa is a classic Wi-Fi card used to enter packages. What makes Alfa unique is the quality of its materials, and the adjustable chipsets in monitoring mode, an important for wireless security audits.

Rubber Ducky *

Source:  USB Rubber Ducky


This particular intrusion reader in the form of a USB key works like a programmed keyboard. Once connected to the computer, it automatically sends instructions for launching programs and tools which are either installed on the victim’s machine or downloaded to the Micro SD card incorporated in the reader to extract data.

If you follow the hit television series Mr. Robot, remember that in the second season, Rubber Ducky turns out to be a potential ally for Angela, who manages to obtain the passwords of a leader of the conglomerate E Corp.

LAN Turtle *

Source:  LAN Turtle

The system administrator can use this tool for penetration testing by discreetly connects to a USB port to provide secret remote access. It also allows users to gather information from the network and launch an attack by a host.

HackRF One


Source:  Great Scott Gadgets

This tool implements a powerful software radio system. It is a radiocommunication device that installs the software rather than using the hardware in place. In this way, the tool can process all kinds of radio signals from 10 MHz to 6 GHz from a single device that can be connected to the USB port of the computer.

Ubertooth one


Source:  Ubertooth One MC

This open code development platform on a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth frequency band offers users the possibility to experience the various aspects of new wireless technologies. (Mouse, Earphones,etc..)



Source:  Hacker Warehouse

Proxmark3 is a device developed by Jonathan Westhues capable of interrogating, replicating, and sniffing all identification.

This proxmark3 is an excellent RFID hacking tool, and It can act as a reader, created to snoop, listen and emulate everything from Low Frequency (125 kHz) to High Frequency (13.56 MHz) tags.

This device monitors a transaction between another reader and a tag. It can catch the packet received over the air more closely.

batteries allow the tool without having to connect (to a computer).

Lock pick kits


It is essential to know that in some countries, having a lock picking tool in your possession is a criminal offense. In no case do we recommend activities that violate the law? Please refer to the regulations in force in your country before obtaining one of these tools. This remark is valid for all the gadgets listed in this post.

These tools represent the leading equipment for lock picking, i.e., the art of opening or physically reaching a security device, by methodically analyzing or manipulating its components without the key. Many kits are available in several formats, and most are sufficient to compromise the security of the equipment.



An excellent and classic method is keyloggers. This Device plugs into a USB or PS / 2 port and makes it possible to connect the keyboard and the machine, neither seen nor known, to record all keyboard entries. Of course, security systems generally see it as a blast.

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